• Jesse Walker

True Taco is TRULY one of the best in London

The Western Fair Market is home to some of London's best kept culinary secrets. One of them being True Taco.

Jo & her family started True Taco just over 10 years ago and after multiple locations, they have now found their home at the market.

True Taco specializes in Mexican and Salvadorian cuisine serving everything from traditional Mexican Breakfast items like Huevos to delicious Pupusas & Chille Relleno which are stuffed jalapenos served with fried cheese and a soft corn tortilla. (They're incredible)

While the entire menu is worth a return visit, their tacos are the star of the show that keep us coming back time and time again.

If you're having a hard time deciding what to eat, the Lengua Tacos (pictured here) are a favourite for us.

Tender Beef Tongue served on a soft corn tortilla and topped with fresh white onions, cilantro and lime. These tacos are the textbook definition of 'less is more'. Truly an explosion of flavour without trying to compensate by adding more ingredients.

Their house made hot sauce is phenomenal & we'd drink it by the glass if that was socially acceptable.


Above all else, Jo & her family are incredible, warm hearted people that deserve your continued support.

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