• Jesse Walker

London Ontario's New Hotspot for Detroit & NY Style Pizza

If you're from London, Ontario then there's a good chance that you've heard of the Wolfe brothers.

These two have been the masterminds behind quite a few of London's trendiest & most imaginative restaurants including Wolfe Pack Company Bar, Los Lobos, The Early Bird & Holy Diver.

Their new venture 'Through Thick & Thin Pizza' may the most buzz-worthy yet. With some customers calling upwards of 150 times just to place an order, it's safe to say that they've done it again.

Located just outside of Wortley Village, Through Thick & Thin has a wow factor that you notice instantly before stepping foot in the door. Glowing red lights, and an interior reminiscent of NY street art and old news paper clippings all showcase their perfectly executed branding.

The big question still remains.. Does the the pizza live up to the hype? Our Answer? Absolutely.

We first tried their NY Style cheese pizza. We wanted to start with something simple. No distractions. Just cheese, sauce and crust. THEY NAILED IT.

The crust was light & airy yet crispy in all the right places. The sauce is tangy, the cheese is sweet and buttery. Overall a really great pie and instantly took a spot in our top 5 for pizza in London.

The rest of their menu is exactly what you'd expect from the Wolfe pack. CREATIVE. Detroit style pies with flavour combos such as 'Jalapeno Popper', 'Animal Style', & 'Eggplant Parm' get us even more excited for the next visit.

In our opinion, the Wolfe Brothers are exactly what London needs. The innovation and flair that they bring to the industry will inspire and continue to grow our blossoming food scene.

Address: 350 Ridout St S, London, ON N6C 3Z5

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