• Jesse Walker

This Taqueria is a Hidden Gem in London, Ontario

Once in a while, you stumble upon something special. Paloma's Grill is a little known taqueria in London that could easily be dismissed as a hole in the wall at first glance.

This place however, is as authentic as it gets. Originally named after his late wife Paloma's is a one man show. He makes all of his corn tortillas from scratch and you're instantly transported into a bright Mexican kitchen the moment you walk through the doors.

The decor, the aroma and the owner himself all set the tone for a true Mexican dining experience. While the service is by no means fast, it is well worth the wait. The corn tortillas are soft, the meat is incredibly tender and juicy and pair brilliantly with the acidity of the tomatoes and house made hot sauce. Every topping is there for a reason. This taco is best described as a flavour explosion.

This is a man that wants to show you every part of his process. A man that takes pride in what he does and has a real passion for the food that he serves to his customers.

With no social media, and no marketing strategy the owner of Paloma's Grill let's his food do the talking. Although he's never short on words himself!

Address: 390 Springbank Dr, London, ON N6J 3H2

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