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Review - Vietnam Restaurant

There's a lot of buzz around 100 Kellog lane with the Hard Rock Hotel's recent announcement of plans to build a 353 room hotel at the historic location.

Just across the street however, you'll find a small, long standing Vietnamese restaurant that is just as buzz worthy. Vietnam restaurant has been serving Londoners authentic Vietnamese cuisine since 1994 and has earned themselves a rock solid reputation among locals and tourists alike.

With over 100 menu options, this place offers something for everyone and their super friendly staff is more than happy to help you find something that suits your specific taste.

Pictured here is their house special rice dish with bbq pork & shrimp, topped with a perfectly fried egg.

The pork was tender, the veggies were fresh and by no means do they skimp on the shrimp.

While the space is by no means fancy, the food is incredible and has won multiple awards locally.

They have a large variety of soup, noodle, and rice dishes. All of which are equally delicious

We tried their fresh rolls and spring rolls which we can say with confidence, are some of the best in the city which is no easy task.

While not a dish specific to Vietnam, their Pad Thai also rivals many others that we've had in the past.

With the area now a hot spot and topic of conversation in London, we hope that people catch on to just how great this place really is.

Address: 1074 Dundas St E, London, ON N5W 3A6

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