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Meet The Early Bird's New Owners

When you think of the Early Bird & the Holy Diver in downtown London you likely know it to be part of the Wolfe Brother's restaurant group.

They've recently made the tough decision to fly the coop but have passed the torch to two very deserving humans.

New owners Crystal & Kyle have been part of the restaurant & music scene in London for over 20 years.

"Many years ago, Kyle actually had a residency at the Niteowl which is where Holy Diver is presently located so this is definitely a full circle moment for us"

Crystal became a chef after falling in love with all aspects of the hospitality industry. She spent years learning the ins & outs of the business working both front and back of house with dreams of eventually having something that she could call her own.

She dabbled in catering and small event production and was lucky enough to land a position with the Wolfe brothers when she returned to work after having children.

Managing Los Lobos and a few of their other restaurants for nearly four years, she had built a strong relationship with the Wolfe Pack.

When Crystal caught wind of the opportunity to buy the Early Bird, she couldn't let go of the idea despite being in the midst of a pandemic and provincial lockdown. With full support from family and friends, she decided to make the leap.

"I feel so grateful to have learned from the best and to be given this once in a lifetime opportunity. Owning a restaurant has always been a dream of mine and this is such an iconic establishment. I look forward to carrying on the legacy and showcasing what we have to offer in true full circle fashion."

Address: 355 Talbot St, London, ON N6A 2R5

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