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BTRMLK: Does the Chicken Match the Drapes?

The long awaited BTRMLK has been open for just over a week now and has got the whole city buzzing.

Located at the corner of of Oxford & Warncliffe, BTRMLK is finally open to the public. We had to see what all the hype was about and check them out for ourselves.

The moment we walked through the doors it was plain to see that this place was special. An upscale interior with beautiful floors, big stone walls, an illuminated BTRMLK sign and gold accents throughout.

Question is, does the chicken match the drapes?

1000%. We weren't sure what to expect as hype can oftentimes lead to disappointment but this place is absolutely the REAL DEAL. London has no shortage of incredible spots for fried chicken but BTRMLK has quickly solidified itself as a top contender.

We started with the 'Honey Popper' which is a FAT serving of buttermilk fried chicken drizzled with honey then topped with cream cheese and jalapeños, served on a crispy golden bun.

This chicken is JUICY. I find that where some people fall short with fried chicken is the seasoning but BTRMLK has knocked it out of the park. It was literally to the point where it was hard for me to stop myself from saying "Oh my God" after each bite.

Following this heavenly experience, dessert was pretty much inevitable. I had heard good things about their banana pudding and was equally impressed.

After that monster of a sandwich my stomach could only take so much and this was a nice creamy addition.

While BTRMLK is by no means cheap, the food is well worth the premium. You can also expect to find classics such as buffalo mac and cheese, loaded fries & more.

The wait can be a bit long as they are new and quite busy so make sure to plan ahead for that.

BTRMLK is open Tuesday - Sunday 1-7 PM.

Address: 275 Wharncliffe Rd N, London, ON N6H 2C1

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